“My mom is living in a complete fantasy world,” says Traci. “Her online relationships have put a wedge in our relationship.”
Traci and her sister, Stacey, say they are convinced their mom, Gail, has been scammed by online boyfriends, even though Gail insists they are real relationships. Traci says she had to step in and take over her mom’s finances when she learned how much money Gail had sent these boyfriends.

“She had given away her life savings,” Traci says.
Dr. Phil shares with Traci, Stacey, and Gail the exact amount of money Gail gave to one of her ex-online boyfriends in the video above. See how they react.
On Monday’s episode, "'Our Mom Lived Without Heat and Water … For Online Scammers!'," see what happens when Dr. Phil and Gail try to call this ex-boyfriend. And on Tuesday, “Dr. Phil Goes Global: Where is ‘Matt Hurley?'" a Dr. Phil producer in Nigeria tries to find Gail’s current online boyfriend who claims to be living in a hotel there because he doesn’t have enough money to come back to the U.S. Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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