Karla claims her husband, Stephen, has been gaslighting her -- manipulating her psychologically in a way that makes her question reality -- throughout their 38-year marriage.

Stephen admits he’s an emotional abuser who has played games and lied to his wife.

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The couple describes their relationship for the past 17 years as roommates who coexist. They have been sleeping in different rooms for the last three years and say intimacy is nonexistent.

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“Steve always felt that he had poor performance in bed and that made him afraid of women,” Karla claims. “In the past two years, he told me that he was gay. That put him in a really good mood for about a week.” She says a week later, he took it back and said he could never be gay. “I have absolutely no idea if he’s gay, straight or asexual.”

“In my mind, I’ve never remembered being with a guy, it was just part of the conversation,” Stephen says.

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In the video above, Karla says that 15 years ago the couple agreed to live as just roommates. Hear why Karla claims Stephen didn’t honor that agreement and what she says he did that made her question her own behavior.

On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear more of their story, including Stephen’s claims that he has severe memory loss. What does Dr. Phil think? Check here to see where you can watch.

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