Sarah says she’s madly in love with Kevin, a 26-year-old who lives in Kenya. The mom of four says as soon as she gets her tax return money in February, she plans to leave her husband of 18 years, Keith, and their children to meet Kevin in person for the first time and marry him.

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“How much of this is lust, and how much of it is love?” Dr. Phil asks Sarah on Wednesday’s episode.

“Maybe half and half,” she replies.

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“Did you say, ‘I'm going. Kids can go, stay, doesn't matter. I'm going either way?’” Dr. Phil asks.

“Basically, yeah,” Sarah replies. “I don't plan to stay there forever. I hope they'll understand.”

Keith says he was devastated when his wife dropped this bombshell. He claims the love of his life is being scammed and that if she goes to Africa, she may be raped, murdered or taken into the jungle.

In the video above, hear how Sarah explains an age discrepancy on Kevin’s identification card. And on Friday’s episode, see what happens when Dr. Phil sends a team to Kenya to find Kevin. Is he real? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Woman Says Once She Gets Tax Return, She’s Leaving Husband And Kids To Meet African Love In Kenya