Ryan says he filed for divorce from his wife, Danielle, in May 2018, citing 25 reasons why the marriage was broken, including her working as a sugar baby.

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Danielle says she made between $40,000 to $50,000 dating men for money. She claims she only signed up do it because Ryan put them in debt.

WATCH Married Woman Says She Only Wanted To Work As A Sugar Baby ‘To Put Us Back In A Better Financial Position’

“I knew it would be fast and easy money,” says Danielle who insists she didn’t have sex with any of the men. She claims Ryan benefitted from the money she earned as a sugar baby too.

Listing how they spent her earnings, Danielle says, “We paid off his car. His student loans. A trip to Jamaica. Lots of nice dinners. And I got a boob job.”

Also listed in Ryan’s reasons for wanting a divorce: he claims Danielle calls him names and has physically attacked him in front of their 2-year-old daughter, which Danielle adamantly denies.

What does Danielle claim happened between them that prompted her to call the police?

Plus, Ryan has put their divorce on pause saying that Dr. Phil is their last hope to put things back together. Does Dr. Phil have a plan to help Danielle and Ryan save their marriage?

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‘It’s Just Faking It For Money,’ Says Woman Who Admits She Was Once A Sugar Baby