LaTonya says when she first met Randy, she thought he was cute and fell for his charms.
“Randy started telling me he loved me shortly after we started to have sex. I was shocked,” she says. “Randy is the one who pursued me. He’s the one who called me. He’s the one that wanted to be with me.”

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Randy admits that LaTonya thought that they were exclusively dating, but he was seeing two or three other women. “I never needed to correct her because she was under my control. She was hypnotized. She was in love,” he says.
LaTonya says things changed when she made plans for him to meet her family. “He leaves me a voice message and it said, ‘Hey LaTonya, I love you, but I have to break up with you because I cheated on you with two women,’” she claims.

Hear more of their story in the video above. And, hear what LaTonya says she learned about Randy’s other relationships – but was still willing to take him back.
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