Kirstie says she has such anxiety and extreme agoraphobia that, apart from giving birth in a hospital several months ago, she hasn’t ventured further than her mailbox in over a year.

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She also insists she needs someone to watch over her 24/7 because she’s “terrified” she’s going to die.

WATCH ‘Every Time I Leave The House, I Immediately Feel Like I’m Going To Die,’ Says Woman With Extreme Agoraphobia

“For me to be safe, I have to have specific people sit with me, like my fiancé, Thomas,” says the mother of three. Kirstie claims she hasn’t been home alone in about seven years.

Watch Kirstie's reaction in the video above to see what happens when Thomas attempts to travel to California to visit with Dr. Phil in person. Plus, what else does Kirstie say she fears?

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