Adam is 47, single, and says though he’s been on hundreds of dates, he’s never had a relationship. He says he wants to be married and have children, but no matter how hard he tries, he just cannot figure out what women want.

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“I’ve only met Adam once,” says Kendra who admits she immediately put him in “the friend zone” when they met at a BBQ last year.

“Adam came on just maybe a little bit too strong for me,” she continues.

WATCH: ‘I’ve Been On Probably 300 First Dates, But I’ve Never Had A Relationship,’ Says 47-Year-Old

“I don’t think he understands sometimes when he makes women uncomfortable,” Kendra concludes, adding that she thinks Adam is just “way too eccentric.”

“To the best of my knowledge, all of my friends think that I’m a good catch,” says Adam, adding that he’s “very tired of being single.”

Watch the video above to hear why Adam’s friends Byron and Nick say they’re baffled that he’s still single, but also think that he may be trying too hard.

Tune in Tuesday to find out what happens when Dr. Phil sends Adam on a speed dating experiment with five single women.

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