Shawna says she is a great mother who only uses strict discipline because her 12-year-old daughter has a bad attitude.

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“She will push my buttons; it just makes me lose it,” Shawna says.

The mom of two describes some of her interactions with her daughter. “I’ve gotten so angry with her that I’ve told her before that I’m going to knock her teeth out. I said that my worst mistake was having her,” Shawna admits. “There have been times that I’ve had to smack my daughter. One time, we were in the car and she was back-talking and I back-handed her. She didn’t even see it coming, and that pretty much stopped that situation right then.”

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But is Shawna’s discipline crossing the line and becoming abusive? Her mother, Vicki, says she thinks so.

“Shawna is physically and verbally abusive to my 12-year-old granddaughter,” Vicki claims. “Shawna tells my granddaughter that she hates her, that she is worthless and stupid, a bitch. Shawna has even told her that she should have aborted her. It is totally inexcusable.”

However, Shawna maintains that she is forced to do things to “put the fear of God” in her because she acts out.

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“Because of my daughter’s bad attitude, living in my house is like a war zone 24/7,” Shawna says.

In the video above, Shawna tells Dr. Phil, “I just do what works. My daughter is coming into the teenage years and we need to figure out what works discipline-wise for her.”

“It seems to be that right now, this minute, as of today, you have a very contentious relationship with your daughter, that she is rebellious, and out of control, and disrespectful,” Dr. Phil says. “It just seems to me like this isn’t even almost working, even a little bit.”

On Wednesday’s episode, Dr. Phil doesn’t mince words when he questions Shawna about her behavior. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Woman Claims Daughter Uses 12-Year-Old Granddaughter ‘As A Slave’