Veronica says she’s just a normal teenager, but her mother, Valerie, is both too strict – and unpredictable. She claims Valerie is always changing the rules on her so that she winds up getting into trouble.

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Valerie says Veronica is going down a bad path. She claims the 16-year-old is lying, drinking, smoking and being promiscuous.

Valerie claims she’s been trying to control Veronica’s behavior since she was a small child, but her older daughter, Samantha, says she was the one who was left to discipline Veronica because Valerie just wasn’t around.

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“When we were growing up, my mom was always busy with work,” says Samantha, adding that from the time she was in the fifth grade, she was the one making sure Veronica ate meals and finished her homework.

“In a lot of ways, I was kind of like a mother to Veronica,” she says.

Samantha claims Veronica resented her then, “Because I was the one enforcing the rules.” Now, she says, Veronica still carries a lot of resentment toward her and their relationship is “non-existent.”

“When it comes to my sister, part of the problem may be my own mother,” says Samantha. “My mom does need a backbone. She needs to make strict rules, and stick to them.”

Does Veronica say she resents Samantha? And why does Samantha say she thinks her younger sister is a “train wreck about to happen”?

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