Alyssa, 23, says her estranged husband, Mario, 25, was so controlling she felt like she was living in a prison, so she had no choice but to leave him. She claims he monitored all of her contact with the outside world, made her change her hair color multiple times and gave her a time limit while visiting family. And now, she believes he's even more obsessed with her and claims he won’t leave her alone.

“Mario threatened me many times that if I ever left him, he would kill me or he would put drugs in the car and call the cops on me,” Alyssa claims.

Two months ago, while Mario was at work, Alyssa left with her two young children. “I felt like I was finally able to move on with my life and be free,” she says. But, she claims Mario has now become more desperate and obsessed.

“Mario is stalking me. He calls me nonstop. He texts me multiple times a day, all hours of the day,” Alyssa claims. “It seems like he is always watching me and knows where I’m at and who I’m with.”

Alyssa’s mother, Diana, says she became aware of what she calls Mario’s controlling behavior shortly after Alyssa and Mario started dating. “I noticed that Mario was isolating Alyssa about three months into their relationship,” she says, claiming that Mario moved Alyssa to another state to keep her isolated. “Mario was crazy, delusional, emotionally unstable and controlling.” She adds, “I think Mario is capable of killing her.”

Alyssa says she now fears for her safety and the safety of their children, especially because Mario recently moved into the same apartment building where they live, so she turns to Dr. Phil for help.

“Are you at a place where you believe your life is in danger?” Dr. Phil asks Alyssa.

“Yes, I am,” she replies. “He would tell me, ‘If you ever leave me, I’m going to kill you.’ ‘I’m going to put drugs in your car, so the kids get taken away.’”

“Are you giving him mixed messages?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I think I might have been, at first,” she says. “When I first left, I thought it was OK to talk to him and hang out with him still.”

In the video above, hear from Mario, who says he was blindsided when the “love of his life” left him. “I can be very possessive of Alyssa,” he admits. “People search their whole lifetime to find someone like that. I found her. I might not have her right now, but I’m going to work toward getting her back.”

What does Mario hope will happen with their relationship? Watch more here.

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