“My ex-husband, Dennis, has always been an insane, narcissistic womanizer,” says Michelle who has been separated from Dennis for 10 years. “When Dennis and I first got married, he said, ‘I hold your pink slip now,’ which means he owns me. And he said he’ll never give it up.”

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Michelle claims Dennis, who currently has a girlfriend of eight years, cheated on her while they were together. She says she finally ended their relationship by telling him that she cheated on him, which she claims led to Dennis making her life “a living hell.”

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“I wasn’t allowed to do anything except cook, clean, tend to my children,” Michelle claims. “Dennis got all the kids together, screaming, telling them that their mother was a drug addict, a drunk, a no-good-for-nothing skank.”

Michelle says she wants to be done with her marriage. “I just want Dennis to sign the divorce papers and leave me alone,” she says.

On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, will Dennis and Michelle finally sign the divorce papers? And on Wednesday, meet another woman who wants to confront Dennis about his behavior. Check here to see where you can watch.

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