“I feel like my mother and my sister gang up on me every chance they get,” says Katie. “I absolutely think my family is blackmailing me. They’re threatening to take my children from me if I don’t come on the show – the only reason I am here right now.”

Katie’s sister, Grace, and her mom, Tara, claim Katie is an “irresponsible” mother who would rather be with her homeless boyfriend, Doug, than raising her kids – accusations Katie denies.

“It does make my blood boil when I hear that I’m not raising my own children,” Katie says. “I never choose my boyfriend over my children. I will take my children to him, but I never choose him over them.”

Katie says that she works two jobs and supports Doug, who is homeless, jobless and in the past lived in a tent. She says he now lives in her car which is in her mother’s driveway.

“I love Doug with all my heart. I do want to be with him forever,” she says.

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Katie says she’s doing her best to be a good mom and it’s time her family leaves her alone.

“I want my family to back off, let me live my life, let me raise my kids, let me be the mom that I can be,” she says. “I will fight until the day I die for my kids.”

In the video above, Katie confronts her mother and sister. And on Friday’s show, can Dr. Phil help this family come together for the sake of the two young children? Check here to see where you can watch.