Jennifer and Rick claim that Lenard has been stalking and harassing Rick for over six years. They say he’s even contacted their children on social media. The couple also claims that Lenard, who has accused Rick of being a child predator, and cheating on Jennifer, has made threats against them, and their kids.

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“I just want Lenard to leave me and our family alone,” says Jennifer on Monday's Dr. Phil

“You could have called me any name in the book, I don’t care. You could harass Rick all…the rest of your life, I don’t care. But when you brought my children into it, that’s when you stepped over the line.”

“You stalked me for a solid year,” says Lenard, who denies all of the allegations and claims it was Rick who threatened his children. “And I told you, back off, leave me alone, leave my kids alone, leave us alone, or the reptilians from outer space might snatch your daughter.

How does Rick claim he got Lenard fired from his job?

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Man Claims He Got His Alleged Cyber Stalker Fired For Using Work Computer To Harass Him