Terri says she’s been in a relationship with Ricardo for two years. She says they met online when he said he wanted someone to spoil, and she responded. Terri says Ricardo is a millionaire working in Canada who has asked her to be his wife – but they have never met in person.
“It bothers me that Ricardo and I have not seen each other in person,” Terri says. “I am desperately trying to get Ricardo here; he always has an excuse, something always interferes with it.”

Terri says that a month after they met, Ricardo started asking her to send him money. “I have no idea how much money I’ve sent. It’s probably $20,000,” Terri says.
In the video above, Terri says she’s certain that Ricardo is a real person and not someone scamming her as family and friends claim.
On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Invested in Love or Just Another Scam?” hear from Terri’s sister, Tammy, and why she says she’s convinced Terri is being scammed. Who is Ricardo, and where is Terri’s money? Find out on Wednesday’s episode, “Romance Scams, Fraudsters, and Their Victims.” Plus, hear a message for Terry, and Dr. Phil shares a manual written to teach people how to use romance scams to swindle women. Check local listings to see where you can watch.