Sandy and Ava claim their biological father, Frankie, was the mastermind behind a decade-long scam with their biological mother, (his then wife, Karen), to “sell” several of their children to adoptive parents, as well as promise babies to other potential adoptive parents in exchange for financial support.

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Frankie adamantly denies the allegation. He says he and Karen had 10 children in 10 years and claims he had no knowledge or involvement in eight of them being “put up for adoption Frankie claims that Karen’s lawyers told him he had no rights as a father.

Sandy, who was born to the then couple in 1984, says she feels like her biological mother “Sold me like I was a piece of furniture.” She claims that Frankie had “More to do with it than he’s willing to admit.”

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Ava says, “I want my dad to own up to being a part of the adoption scam.”

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Watch a recap of part one of this two-part Dr. Phil above, then tune in to the conclusion on Friday when Sandy and Ava’s brother, Dalton, joins them on the Dr. Phil stage – plus, Dr. Phil meets a mother who shares the details of adopting her son from Karen.

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