Paige says that when she and her girlfriend got kicked out of their apartment, her mother, Nancy, and stepfather, Lance, refused to allow the woman to move into their home with her. That’s when Paige says she left her then 18-month-old daughter with them and started living in a car with her girlfriend.

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“Having to leave my daughter at my mom’s was completely miserable,” she says, adding, “My mom wasn’t really giving me a choice. She took her from me.”

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Nancy says she told her daughter, “You can have her back when you get your act together.”

With her girlfriend currently in a treatment center, Paige is again living with her parents, but says even though she’d be leaving her daughter behind again, she would move back into her car, “if it meant keeping my girlfriend from being homeless.”

How does Paige respond when Dr. Phil says, “That seems to be an upside-down priority”?

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