Aja says her 57-year-old mother, Janet, has been living with her on and off for the past eight years. She claims that Janet acts like a mooch.

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“She sits in my house all day in her pajamas, watching TV,” claims Aja, who estimates she’s spent close to $100,000 taking care of Janet over the years, paying for everything from food and clothing to vacations, and a cell phone.

Janet says she’s not a mooch. She claims she pays rent, watches her grandkids and helps around the house.

“I suffered through a rough childhood and now I’m having to parent my mother. It makes me angry,” says Aja, claiming that Janet, a self-described recovering drug addict, neglected her and her older sister, Ashley, all the while they were growing up.

Why does Aja say she feels like she has to help her mother? Tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil.

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