Twenty-two-year-old Sara began dating 34-year-old Matt, a registered sex offender, just two months ago. She says she “fell head over heels” for Matt, and believes his claim that he’s innocent of the crimes he was convicted of six years ago: indecent assault and corruption of a minor.

Sara says she wants to marry Matt one day and is thinking about moving in with him. She acknowledges she can’t move in with him now, because he has legal restrictions and can’t ever be left alone with her 2-year-old daughter. She also says her parents object because they don’t want Sara’s 2-year-old daughter around Matt – at all. “My parents have threatened to take custody of my daughter from me.”

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“I am terrified of my granddaughter being around him,” asserts Sara’s mom, Anne, who claims her daughter is “being reckless.”

Anne says she’s furious that Sara is considering moving in with Matt. “If she moves in with him without him being cleared of these charges, I will file for custody of that child.”

Does Anne have good reason to be concerned? Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil.

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