Brittney says for the last year she’s been in “a bad love triangle” with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Jeramie, and his ex-wife, Brittany.

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“Jeramie had already broken ties with Brittany when we started seeing each other,” says Brittney, adding, “But when Brittany sinks her claws in and pulls Jeramie back in, he tends to kick me out.”

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Brittney, who asserts that Jeramie is the love of her life, claims he’s kicked her out several times, but every time he reaches out to her, she comes back.

Jeramie says he feels “caught between two Brittanys.” He says he knows his girlfriend would love to be his wife, but he’s still not completely over his ex.

How do the two women respond when Dr. Phil says, “I’m a little confused why either - or both of you – seem to sit around waiting for him to decide what’s going to happen in your life.”

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