Karen says she’s in love with “Thomas,” a man she recently met online. And, though they have never met in person, she says her feelings for him are “very deep.”

“We want to spend the rest of our lives together,” says Karen. “Thomas is the whole package – with personality and looks.”

“I’m sure my mom is being catfished,” says Karen’s daughter, Mindy, noting that “Thomas” has canceled on Karen every time he and her mother had plans to meet in person.

“Thomas doesn’t have any social media, which is a red flag for me,” she continues, claiming, “Most of the pictures he’s sent her look Photoshopped.”

Mindy says that, although she’s provided her mother with evidence that “Thomas” is not who he says he is, Karen refuses to believe he’s not real. And, she’s given him money she can’t afford to lose.

Is Karen being taken advantage of as her daughter claims?

Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil, “My Mom Is in Love with a Man Who Doesn’t Exist,” airs Tuesday. Check your local listing to find out where you can watch.

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