“I’ve looked at wedding dresses, I’ve looked at venues, I’ve looked at banquet halls. I’ve even done an online wedding registry,” says Suzanne.

She says she plans on marrying Ryan, whom she met after the death of her “twin,” Michelle, from ovarian cancer in 2016. Michelle and Ryan had been online friends for several years.

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However Ryan says “I have no desire to be in a romantic relationship with her - let alone marriage,” He claims he had no idea his on-line friend, Michelle, even had a twin - until after she passed away.

Ryan says he’s only allowing Suzanne to believe that she’s his girlfriend, because Michelle left him her Audi R8, and an expensive diamond ring in her will and Suzanne, who is executor of the estate, is refusing to provide him with those items.

Ryan may be leading Suzanne on, but there’s a perplexing plot twist he never saw coming. Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. Click here to find your local listing.