Gabe admits she hasn’t always made the best choices. She says her worst decision was using heroin during pregnancy. As a result, Gabe says her d aughter, Avery, was born seven weeks premature, weighed only four-and-a-half pounds, and was on oxygen for two days.

Gabe says her mother, Becky, took care of the baby until Gabe got sober a few months later. But when Gabe relapsed almost 14 months ago, Avery went back to live with her grandmother.

“I feel like my mom has taken my daughter and I don’t believe at any point she has any intention to give her back,” says Gabe, who claims she’s been sober for nearly a year. “I can’t believe my mom – somebody who is supposed to love me no matter what – would do that to me.”

Gabe says she has worked “extremely hard” to stay sober, “and because of that, I deserve to have Avery back.”

What “terms and conditions” does Avery claim Becky has told her she must meet before she can get her daughter back?

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