Melissa says she still cries daily over her mother’s death which occurred a year-and-a-half ago, and it’s turning her home life into chaos.

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“I have been on a downward spiral since my mom’s death,” she says, adding that her relationship with her boyfriend of three years, Dave, has been impacted the most. “Our fights have gotten out of control. We do argue daily … Once he starts raising his voice, then I start getting my anxiety attacks. I feel like I’m losing my mind.”

Dave agrees that their relationship has “changed dramatically” since Melissa’s mom passed away.

“Melissa went from a sweet, sensitive girl, and leave little love notes, she would, you know, get my lunches together. Now, it’s like I’d be lucky if I get her to do anything, I mean, without a fight,” Dave says. “She has become insecure, depressed, her anxiety has spiked, it’s out of this world. When I’m at home, it’s always like walking on egg shells with her."

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Both agree that if things don’t improve, their relationship will end.

What does Dr. Phil suggest Melissa do to help her move on? Check here to see where you can watch Wednesday's episode.

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