Adrianna says her older sister, Haley, was convinced that she was pregnant with baby Jesus, so she wrote to Dr. Phil to get her help. After appearing on the show, Haley went to an inpatient treatment facility for two months, but Adrianna says it seems like Haley still needs help.

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“Haley posted a lot on social media while in treatment and it sounded like her same delusional self. She posted on Facebook that she realized she wasn’t pregnant but had lost baby Jesus,” Adrianna says. “She flat out told my mom and I that she still wants a baby. When she says that she wants to have a baby, it makes me furious because she doesn’t have her life together at all.”

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Adrianna says that Haley continues to believe that rapper Eminem is her father. “She’s delusional and lying,” she says. “I don’t know how to deal with people in her mental state.”

Adrianna says she fears for her sister’s well-being. “With her mental illness, I’m not sure if she’s safe to be on her own. I’m not sure if she knows how to handle herself in the real world. It’s, like, she has the mind of a 12- or 13-year-old,” she says. “I want Haley to grow up. She needs to get a grip on reality.”

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In the video above, the sisters see each other for the first time in a month. Hear why Haley says she’s fed up with Adrianna. This episode airs Friday. And on Monday, see what happens backstage when Haley’s family shows her some tough love. Check here to see where to tune in.

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