“My sister’s obsession with her health and fear of dying has literally taken over my life,” says Deborah.

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She says she has been thrown into the role of her sister, Cathy’s, caregiver because Cathy is convinced something is wrong with her. She says Cathy requests that Deborah monitor her vitals all day and night and take her to the ER and doctors’ appointments, and Deborah says she makes sure she eats and bathes.

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“My sister used to be vibrant, the life of the party, well-dressed, cared about how she looked,” Deborah says. “Now she’s laying in the recliner all day long just wasting her life away. It’s like a shell of a woman I don’t know.”

Cathy says she’s convinced something is physically wrong with her and is frustrated that doctors and her own family don’t believe her.

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Deborah says that after hundreds of tests, multiple 911 calls and trips to the ER and visiting 75 doctors and specialists, many doctors have said Cathy is suffering from panic and anxiety, but she says her sister will not accept the diagnosis.

“I love my sister. I feel so sorry for her, but I just can’t live this way anymore,” Deborah says.

What may be behind Cathy’s obsession with her health? Is she ready for help? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Watch more here.

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