Tara is 21 and lives with her father, Jim, who raised her after he and Tara’s mom, Christina, divorced when she was 13. Tara says since her mother left, she’s often nervous, angry and suffers from severe anxiety.  

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Christina claims it’s Jim’s fault Tara has poor self-esteem. She says he’s a bad influence on their daughter, claiming he was once arrested and charged with child endangerment after smoking the synthetic drug spice with their daughter when she was a teenager.

“I’m embarrassed about it. I’m an idiot for letting that happen,” says Jim who claims at the time he thought it was like legal marijuana. He says he thought it was OK because Tara and her boyfriend at the time bought the substance at a gas station.

“It really affected my head, and I really started freaking out,” says Tara, who claims she wound up going to the hospital. She says her dad was arrested a week later and spent three days in jail.

Jim says he was “really shocked,” that his ex-wife didn’t attempt to get custody of Tara after that. “The reason I think she didn’t take her is she didn’t want to be a mom. I think she was busy just doing her thing.”

“It shouldn’t have happened like that," claims Tara, saying she wishes she’d never asked her dad to smoke with her.

When Christina alleges that it wasn’t just “a one-time thing,” how does Jim respond? Tune in to part one of a two-part Dr. Phil, airing Thursday.

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