Kayleigh claims she spends most of her day shut up inside her home, often in the dark. She says that’s because she hates how she looks and is afraid others will judge her to be ugly. Kayleigh also says she follows other women online; obsessing over why they’re prettier than she is.

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“Social media is a huge part of why I feel the way I do,” says the 31-year-old. “I can’t go an hour without looking at girls online, constantly scrolling through Instagram, comparing their body parts to me.”

She says she’ll often spend hours each day, looking at just one person. “I’ll just imagine myself as being her and so I’ll just stare at her pictures and then I’ll actually, like, kind of stand in the mirror and take pictures to see what other people would see if I were dressed like the girls I see on Instagram.”

Why does Kayleigh say that no matter how much make-up she has on, no matter what she wears, or how she does her hair, “Whenever I see myself, I just see a monster”?

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