Amber says she’s been dealing with loss and trauma since she was a child. The 40-year-old claims she was raised in an abusive home (which her parents deny). At age 14 her (then) boyfriend murdered her friend. As an adult, Amber has lost her marriage, her home, her career – and custody of her two children.

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Her parents, Larry and Vickie, and her ex-husband, Bo, all claim Amber abuses alcohol and behaves erratically. Amber says she’s been hospitalized in a state mental health facility eight times – and never received the help she needed.

On Thursday’s episode, when Dr. Phil asks Amber if she believes she’s mentally ill she responds, “Without a shadow of a doubt.”

“Your mental and emotional adjustment is interfering with the pursuit of your goals in your life,” says Dr. Phil.

“It’s ruining my life,” says Amber, who also acknowledges a dependence on alcohol. “I personally believe that my biggest addiction is love addiction - because I have done AA and other programs - but I use the alcohol to self-medicate, for sure.”

Amber says she wants help to get her life back on track. What are Dr. Phil’s recommendations? Tune in to the conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil airing Thursday.

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