Robert and Cynthia say their 15-year-old daughter, Sadara, started getting into trouble three years ago after the family relocated to a new state. They say their daughter, a one-time straight-A student, has virtually dropped out of school, run away from home repeatedly, stolen from them and others, and wound up serving nine months in juvenile detention on a charge of grand theft auto.

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The couple, who is currently separated, each claim the other’s parenting is to blame for Sadara’s behaviors.

“Robert loses it and demands that our daughter act appropriately all the time,” says Cynthia, who describes her husband as “a no-nonsense disciplinarian.”

“I will call Sadara on her stuff, but Cindy just wants to coddle her,” claims Robert. “She lets Sadara do what she wants, and it drives me nuts.”

Cynthia says the way Robert parents, “I sometimes think that it affects her self-esteem and it makes her act out even more.”

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Teen Claims Her Father’s Discipline Includes Shackling Her Ankles And Calling Her Names