Lorreine says that when she married Chance, he was charming and they had a great marriage. Now, she claims Chance is a controlling narcissist. She claims that his behavior began when he started hanging out with a motorcycle club.

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“This is when the mental and emotional abuse started happening. There have been times he has turned over furniture in our home during arguments,” Lorreine claims. “He started calling me ‘cheap whore.’ Chance has spit in my face numerous times in front of people.”

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Chance says that when the honeymoon was over, “it was over.” “Lorreine likes to throw things and be very physical,” he claims. “If I would ride motorcycles with my buddies for a little while, she would get so angry she would rip my shirt off.”

Lorreine and Chance say their arguments have become so aggressive that the police have been called numerous times. In the video above, hear how the two argue. And, Lorreine describes how she claims Chance has been physically abusive with her and what happened when she fought back with a baseball bat.

Is there hope for this couple? See what happens on Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil. Check here to see where you can watch.

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