When Jane first appeared on Dr. Phil in early 2021, she acknowledged that she had sent her online boyfriend, “Jonathan,” money via wire transfers and cryptocurrency, totaling nearly $1 million. At the time, she said that nearly everyone, including Dr. Phil, told her that “Jonathan” was a scammer, but she didn’t want to hear it.

Today, Jane returns to the Dr. Phil stage to admit she ignored all the evidence that she was being catfished and continued to send “Jonathan” money until the day she realized she was broke.

“If I had just listened to Dr. Phil, things could have been so different,” says Jane. “Some of us have to learn the hard way.”

Watch the Friday’s conclusion of this two-part episode,“Lois Meets ‘Fred’ Face-to-Face: Will She Finally Believe?” to hear Jane’s words of encouragement to Lois, another returning guest who admits she also disregarded Dr. Phil’s advice to stop communicating with her online boyfriends.

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WATCH: Catfish Victim Admits She Continued Sending Money To Online Boyfriend Until She Realized She Was Broke

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