Shortly following an unprecedented three-part Dr. Phil investigation in 2020 in which Lois was given proof that she was being catfished by three men she had been communicating with online, Lois says she resumed talking to the person calling themselves “Fred Adler.”

“I don’t feel like Fred is a scammer at all. He’s been a wonderful person,” says Lois, noting that she and “Fred” are engaged to be married.

Lois says that “Fred Adler” convinced her that he is real and that Dr. Phil and his team of experts had been mistaken about him. She admits that she’s been sending “Fred” money for over two years because he told her that he had been stuck overseas without access to his finances.

Lois admits that she and “Fred Adler” have not met in person and have never had a video chat. When Dr. Phil asks whether she thinks that’s “odd,” how does Lois respond?

And later, Lois says that “Fred” is currently living on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, with no money and no means to get home to the United States. Tune in to part one of a two-part episode, ‘“I Disregarded Dr. Phil’s Advice!’,” to find out what happens when Dr. Phil sends a producer to search for “Fred” in the neighborhood where he’s claiming to stay.

And on Friday’s conclusion, “Lois Meets “Fred” Face-to-Face: Will She Finally Believe?” Lois meets the real man behind the photographs she’s been told belong to “Fred Adler.” Will that convince her that she’s been the victim of a scam?

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