Kirstie says she spends about 22 hours a day in her bedroom, rarely leaves her home, and needs someone to watch over her because she’s terrified she’s going to die. She claims her mother, Christina’s, parenting is the root cause of her agoraphobia and debilitating anxiety.

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“My whole childhood my mom instilled fear into me,” says Kirstie. “She would tell me not to leave the house, she would tell me that people would kill me, rob me; that if I left, I would be kidnapped,” says Kirstie. She claims her mother left her alone every night to go out to the bars.

WATCH Woman Says She Needs Someone To Watch Over Her 24/7 Because She’s Terrified She’s Going To Die

“She thinks I’ve left her alone, but I’ve not ever left her alone or put her in harm’s way,” says Christina, denying Kirstie’s claim.

Christina admits she wasn’t the perfect parent to Kirstie and that she drank, “probably 365 days a year,” but denies neglecting her.

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