Michelle says she set up an account on an online fundraising platform in 2015 in hopes of helping her raise enough money to hire an attorney to represent her in her divorce from Tom.  The campaign headline stated she was a survivor of domestic violence. Michelle says she received just $10 on the crowdfunding site. “His ex-wife gave that to me – and that’s all I raised.” She’s accusing Tom of sabotaging her efforts by posting public comments calling her a “fraud” and a “fake.”

Tom doesn’t deny he interfered with Michelle’s crowd-funding campaign. He says he believes she was raising money for other things. “She likes to eat out every day [and] get her nails done. “She really doesn’t care about too many people but herself.”

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Michelle and Tom acknowledge that - since separating - they’ve traded accusations of mental illness, domestic violence, and an alleged murder-for-hire solicitation. And while they did eventually divorce, the former couple says they are currently locked in a custody battle over their two young sons, whom they both agree, have been caught in the middle.

“I guarantee you, when you do what you’re doing, it doesn’t upset the child for a day – it changes who they are,” says Dr. Phil.

On Thursday’s episode, Dr. Phil introduces Tom and Michelle to a special guest who may be able to help them avoid negatively impacting their sons as they work through the leftover conflict from their divorce.

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'If We Don’t Get Help Now, My Fear Is The Damage To My Children,' Says Mom In Custody Battle