Elaine and her husband, Ric, claim Elaine’s 32-year-old son, AJ, is violent, lazy, entitled and a “moocher” who expects them to pay his rent, buy his groceries and take care of his 4-year-old son whenever he’s fed up with being a father.

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AJ says he’s not a normal 32-year-old and they shouldn’t expect him to behave like one after the trauma he experienced finding his grandmother in the aftermath of a home invasion and brutal assault from which she later died.

“I went to find my grandmother lying in a pool of blood in her dining room,” says AJ who was later diagnosed with PTSD.

Elaine says claims AJ was acting out long before his grandmother’s death, but says since her passing, AJ’s behavior has become “extremely volatile.”

“I can’t believe I have a 32-year-old son who is still using this PTSD as an excuse to take money from us, to steal from us and not take care of his son,” says Elaine to Dr. Phil on Tuesday’s episode.

Why does she say she believes AJ is just using his grandmother’s death as an excuse to get away with his behavior?

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