Sara’s parents Anne and Dovell say they aren’t comfortable with her boyfriend, Matt, being around their 2-year-old granddaughter because he’s a convicted sex offender. Sara and Matt both claim he was wrongfully accused of molesting his ex-wife’s younger sister.

Matt says he isn’t permitted to be left alone with Sara’s daughter – or any minor child – and Sara claims that doesn’t happen. “He mostly pushes it on me that he does not want to be around her alone at all, because of his charges.” But Sara says they want things to change. “I want to be able to go to the grocery store and Matt can take care of the baby.”

Sara says “People are wrongfully convicted every day;” to which her mother responds: “I understand that Sara, but do you need a brick to fall on your head?”

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Dr. Phil advises Sara that if she were to leave her child unsupervised with a tier three registered sex offender (which is Matt’s current legal designation), “that - by law - constitutes the definition of abuse on your part.”

Does Sara say she truly understands the risks to both her daughter and to Matt if she allows them to live under the same roof? Tune in to Monay’s Dr. Phil.

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