Larry says that since his wife, Carly, was electrocuted and nearly died, her personality has changed. He says she is extremely clingy, laughs at inappropriate times, and is not the happy woman she used to be.
Carly acknowledges that she’s having trouble and says she doesn’t feel like herself anymore.

When the couple visits with Dr. Phil, he arranges for Carly to meet with world-renowned neuroradiologist Dr. Bradley Jabour, who suggests Carly undergo multiple MRIs to better understand how her brain is functioning. See what happened and the results here.
After their meeting with Dr. Phil, Carly receives treatment from Dr. Jabour. Watch the video above to learn about the three innovative technologies being used to treat Carly – and her reaction.
This episode, "Survived Electrocution, But Barely Living," airs Tuesday. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: Woman Learns Results Of Brain MRIs, How They May Explain What She’s Experienced Since Being Electrocuted

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