Nancy says her marriage to her husband, Matt, is on the verge of falling apart because he is an alcoholic, bipolar and she believes he may have schizophrenia.

“When Matt is in a manic mode, he is somebody entirely different than the person I married,” Nancy says. “He is violent, he is explosive, he is dangerous and he can’t be controlled.”

Nancy says that Matt’s excessive drinking has caused him to act inappropriately.

“He’s gotten where he’s blacked-out drunk and he doesn’t know where the bathroom is, and gets up, and stumbles, and pees on a wall or stumbles and pees on the floor, pees in the sink, the tub,” says Nancy, adding that her husband has even urinated on her while she slept.

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Nancy says she stands by Matt because he doesn’t have anyone else he can rely on. However, his sisters say they are desperate to help their brother and that Nancy needs to stop enabling his behavior.

“I’ve never enabled Matt. I’ve never purchased alcohol for Matt,” says Nancy, who admits she controls the money, explaining that if it were up to Matt, there would be no money left. “I give him money when he tells me he needs other things, then I find out he bought alcohol with it. He lies to me.”

She says Matt’s sisters have never liked her and have never attempted to help their brother.

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“Carolyn and Laura have known for years of Matt’s mental illnesses, and they have done nothing to help him and have never done anything to help me with the situation,” Nancy claims. “They need to butt out of my life. They’re making it worse.”

On Tuesday's episode, hear from Matt. Whom does he blame for his problems? And, can Dr. Phil help this dysfunctional family make amends and construct a healthy lifestyle for Matt? Check here to see where you can watch.