Twenty-one-year-old Danielle says she doesn’t trust men. She says part of the reason is that she was raped by two men when she was 19.

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“I was passed out. They tagged my body, they wrote with Sharpie their names all over me, and all I remember is saying no and crying,” she says. “I never really got help for it.”

After the alleged assault, Danielle says she reported the incident to police. “My father went with me, and then they told me, ‘Sorry, we can’t help you. Not in our district.’” Danielle claims the police told her to get help elsewhere after they’d already taken her statement, and had her detail what happened in front of her dad.

“Once they said that to me, I took my phone, and I started bashing my head, and I broke the screen, and I snapped it in half, and I tried getting the pieces, and I tried cutting my legs up,” says Danielle.

Danielle’s parents, David and Lora, claim she’s had anger and emotional challenges since she was a child. They claim her “downward spiral” began two years ago, with recreational drug use and violent rages in which she hurts herself and others.

“It leaves a gaping, horrible wound and for you, that’s never been attended to. It’s never been healed,” Dr. Phil tells Danielle on Tuesday’s episode.

What does Dr. Phil recommend to Danielle to help her on her journey toward healing?

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