Aaliyah says that becoming a mother at 17 was a challenge and that she raised her kids the only way she knew how, with corporal punishment.

“I relied on corporal punishment because that was how I was raised. Corporal punishment to me was disciplining your child with a belt, or with your hand or with a switch,” Aaliyah says, admitting that she beat her oldest child, Joselyn.

Joselyn says that she can remember her mother abusing her as early as 4 years old when she claims her mother kicked her in the face, a claim Aaliyah firmly denies. She claims the abuse got worse as she got older and culminated in a fight when Joselyn was a freshman, when she claims Aaliyah was drunk, a claim Aaliyah also denies, and cut off Joselyn’s hair and made her look in the mirror and tell herself how ugly she was.

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Aaliyah says she now realizes that the “punishment didn’t always fit the crime.” She says she’s changed her ways and wants Joselyn to ‘get over it.’

“I have tried to apologize to my daughter immensely,” Aaliyah says. “She holds so much resentment and hurt towards me that she’s not able to let it go no matter what I do. I don’t feel that her childhood was horrible but that’s not for me to say; that’s for her to say because I’m sure that my mother thought that I had a good childhood, and that wasn’t the case.”

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In the video above, Aaliyah, who says that her relationship with Joselyn is still volatile, addresses her daughter’s accusations. Are mother and daughter ready to move forward and rebuild their relationship? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Thursday. Check here to see where you can watch.