Frankie says he and Karen had 10 children in 10 years, and all but two of them were adopted. Claiming that Karen’s lawyers told him he had no rights as a father, Frankie at first claims that he had no idea Karen was getting money for allowing their children to be adopted, then acknowledges he knew but insists he wasn’t directly involved.

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WATCH ‘You Knew These Babies Were Being Marketed,’ Says Dr. Phil To Man Who Claims He Had No Knowledge Of Adoption Scam

Frankie also claims he didn’t benefit from the money Karen brought home either from taking money for their children or for defrauding prospective parents by promising they could adopt in exchange for financial support. Karen was eventually arrested and convicted of one count of mail fraud and five counts of wire fraud. She spent 30 months in prison.

“Their mother was very, very guilty of everything she did, but he should have been right there with her,” claims Dora, who adopted one of Karen’s children 36 years ago. She claims Frankie “manhandled” Karen, “and ruled every thought that she had.”

Three of Frankie and Karen’s biological children, Sandy, Dalton, and Ava, say they want answers from Frankie about his involvement in the alleged adoption-for-money scam.

The conclusion of this two-part episode airs Friday. Check here to find out where you can watch.

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