Heather says she thought she had hit her breaking point in her relationship with her boyfriend, Collin, in 2020, when she claims he accused her of cheating on him, then “threw me against the wall and choked me – and said he was going to kill me,” which Collin adamantly denies.

“I never hit her. I just spun to the floor by the shoulders, and I called her heartless, and I left,” he says, noting that when he returned to their shared apartment the next day, Heather had moved out.

“Even after everything, I still can’t seem to let go of Collin and move on,” says Heather.

Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil, “Toxic Love,” airs Tuesday. And on Wednesday’s conclusion, “Toxic Love: Will Heather Leave Collin?” Dr. Phil sits down with Collin and Heather individually to explain where he thinks this relationship is headed. Will Heather leave Collin? Tune in to find out!

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