“My boyfriend, Mike, is the love of my life. There’s just one problem: we get into physically violent fights,” says Keirsten. “He’s hit me, pushed me, left bruises. He’s given me concussions.”

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Keirsten claims that when she was pregnant, Mike twisted her arm behind her back to the point she thought he was going to break it. She also claims he has punched her in the head while she was holding her son and has slammed her face into the car dashboard, breaking the volume knob.

“The worst fight happened about two months ago. I can’t tell you how many times he hit me,” the mother of two says. “I ended up in the hospital. I had a concussion that lasted for over three weeks.”

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Mike admits he has hit Keirsten, but he says she is the one with the anger issues and has come at him in such an aggressive manner with her military moves that he is often afraid and in defense mode.

Keirsten, who says she has been to the hospital four times because of Mike, says she’s only called the cops on him when she’s been forced to and has no plans to leave him.

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“I stay with Mike because I love him,” she says. “I want to make it work.”

Watch more of Keirsten’s story in the video above. And on Monday's episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Mike. How does he explain his behavior? And, is there hope for the future of this relationship? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Why Some People Resort To Physical Violence

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Why Some People Resort To Physical Violence