Jerica says she was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) in the summer of 2017 after struggling with anxiety, memory loss, and blackouts for over a decade. She claims that she currently has a “system” of around 10 personas or “programs” that help her to function, including an Administrator, who watches over and organizes the others.

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On Tuesday’s Dr. Phil, Jerica discusses the personality traits of several of these “programs.” She says Christina is a prophesizing religious persona who spends most of her time reading the bible and once kidnapped Jerica’s cousin. Then there’s Jayne, who Jerica says is not only the most popular but also the most provocative of all her “programs.”

“One time, Jayne tried to take her co-workers to a sex toy shop. They didn’t go. She thinks she’s a model and posts pictures in lingerie,” says Jerica. “She’ll post pictures that are not appropriate on my Facebook.”

Jerica says Jayne likes Champagne, spending money, and throwing parties she can’t afford.

“She’s the most social out of the group, and she’s fun to be around, so we don’t mind her, we just don’t like it when she takes things too far or if she’s the only program running, or the Administrator’s not there,” says Jerica.

What does Jerica say happens to her physically when one of her other personas comes out?

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