Jerica claims she has a “system” of 10 personas, or “programs,” that exist within her that serve to keep her functioning day-to-day. She says she’s been struggling with anxiety, memory loss and blackouts for the past 13 years, and was finally diagnosed in the summer of 2017 with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

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“Who am I talking to right now?,” Dr. Phil asks when he sits down with the 27-year-old on Monday’s episode.

“The Administrator,” she responds. The Administrator, she explains, is Jerica, “but it’s the Jerica that we send to work or professional situations or jobs.”

Explaining further, she says, “The Administrator organizes which programs are able to come through.”

What does Jerica say can trigger one of her other personas, or “programs,” to come out, and how does she say she first became aware of them?

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Woman Who Claims Dissociative Identity Disorder Says One Of Her Personas ‘Thinks She’s A Model’