Karen says she believes someone wants to destroy her by ruining her reputation. Besides believing that this person has hacked into her phones and computer, she says microchips have been implanted in her eyebrows while she was sleeping, in an effort to track her every move.

WATCH: Woman Who Claims She’s Being Followed Says ‘They’ Put Microchips In Her Eyebrows

“I believe someone has been following me, tracking me, recording me. Eyes are on me 24/7. I feel like my life is in danger, and I’m scared,” Karen says on Friday’s Dr. Phil. “I’ve probably spent close to $100,000 trying to find out who is doing this to me.”

Is there reason for concern or are drugs contributing to her fears?

Karen agrees to take a drug test. Watch the video above to see the results – and Karen’s reaction.

This episode of Dr. Phil, "My Brother Thinks I’m Crazy But I Swear He’s the One Having Me Followed," airs Friday. Watch more here.