Two years ago, Karen had it all. She was running her own successful business, she had a beautiful home on the beach, nice cars and plenty of money in the bank.

But now, Karen says she’s lost everything – and she believes she’s being targeted.

Besides believing that her phones and computers have been hacked, Karen also believes microchips have been implanted in her eyebrows, while she was sleeping, all in an effort to track her every move.

“I believe someone has been following me, tracking me, recording me. Eyes are on me 24/7. I feel like my life is in danger, and I’m scared,” Karen says on Friday's Dr. Phil. “I’ve probably spent close to $100,000 trying to find out who is doing this to me.”

After losing most of what she owns, Karen moved in with her brother, John, and his wife, Ronda. But now, she thinks her brother is one of the people behind all of her troubles.

“I think a lot of the things that have been done to me have been done by my brother, John,” she says. “It’s really hard to live with someone who might be trying to destroy you.”

However, John denies his sister’s claims. “For the past two years, Karen has accused me of following her, stealing from her … it’s completely untrue,” John says.

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John believes Karen’s drug use is fueling her paranoia and he says he believes his sister, who was sober for many years, started using drugs again two years ago when she began dating a new man – the same time that he claims her behavior changed.

“Prior to this two years, my sister was the star of my life. She was my idol. She didn’t do any drugs. She worked seven days a week. She created a business. It was all work and no play,” John says of Karen.

Once he says her behavior changed, John drug tested his sister, and says, at the time, she tested positive for methamphetamines, PCP, marijuana, angel dust and ecstasy “all at the same time.”

“The thing that scared me the most was that she looked shocked,” John tells Dr. Phil of when his sister heard the test results. “She may have known she had a few of [the drugs] in her, but she didn’t know that she had all of that in her.”

As for why John continues to let his sister live in his home, despite the accusations, he explains that, “I know that if I turn my back on my sister, I know that she would end up on the street. I can’t let her go down this path.”

Karen admits to using drugs, however, she says she started using drugs again after she felt she was being watched – and not the other way around.

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“It killed my pain, and that’s the only thing that has helped me through this, and I know it’s wrong,” she says, admitting she used methamphetamines as recently as the day before her interview with Dr. Phil. “I know I need help with this – the drug abuse. But I need more help. I need answers. I need clarity … It’s not right what they’ve done to me ... I know that someone broke me down … to make me look this way.”

Karen and her family look to Dr. Phil for help on turning her life around. But will she take his advice and his offer of help? Watch more here.