Shayna claims that she has been pregnant for over a year, and even though she’s had blood tests and ultrasounds that come back negative, she doesn’t believe them.

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“I’ve had three C-sections, and I think the tests are wrong because my insides are not like every other female,” Shayna says. “I took a bleach and urine test that showed I was pregnant. You pour bleach in your urine, and if it foams up and over the cup, it means you’re pregnant. Mine was the only one that foamed up, and I have pictures to prove it.”

Shayna also says she has a Doppler that she uses twice a day to hear her baby’s heartbeat and reassure her that she’s pregnant.

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“Being pregnant over a year has taken a toll on my health. I feel, like, tired, weak, miserable. I don’t wish this on any female,” Shayna says. “I just want to have this baby and be done. I need someone to take me seriously.”

In the video above, Shayna tells Dr. Phil why she’s convinced she’s pregnant. And, is she open to the possibility that something else may be causing her symptoms? Check here to see where you can watch Tuesday's episode.

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How Two Women May Be Convincing Themselves They’re Pregnant When Medical Tests Confirm They’re Not