Angie and her daughter Hannah both claim they were molested by Angie’s former stepfather, Ralph. Angie claims her mother, Leta, knew about and even witnessed much of the abuse - but refused to stop Ralph – even after Angie came to her about it.

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“You and Ralph were sitting together on the other side of the couch. Your hand was on his knee and you had told me not to press charges; that it was going to destroy the family, and that you were going to work on your marriage,” claims Angie, confronting her mother on Monday’s Dr. Phil . “And we sat down and I laid out everything that had happened. And he, of course denied it. And you said that you would work on those things – that you would be more aware. And that now that I was gone and out of the house with Hannah that we could just cut that off and each go our own way and forget about things and move on.”

Leta says she can’t remember Ralph ever acting inappropriately with either Angie or Hannah, and doesn’t recall telling her daughter not to press charges against him. “I don’t remember that conversation – it’s not triggering any memory for me.”

Ralph denies touching Angie or Hannah in a sexual way.

When Dr. Phil asks Leta whether she’s shocked that she could have missed the alleged abuse her daughter and granddaughter claim she witnessed, she responds, “Shocked? I’m devastated that I have lost that much of my life.”

Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil airs Monday. This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.
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'I Would Love To Take Responsibility, If I Could Pull It Out Of My Mind,' Says Woman Who Insists She Didn’t See Any Sexual Abuse Of Granddaughter By Former Husband