On Thursday’s Dr. Phil, “I Disregarded Dr. Phil’s Advice!” Lois, who first appeared as a guest in 2020, returned to the program, admitting that she has continued to engage with and send money to her online fiancé, “Fred Adler,” following an unprecedented three-part episode in which she was given evidence that she was being catfished, not only by “Fred” but by two other internet scammers as well.

Lois claimed that, following her first appearance on the program, “Fred Adler” convinced her he was real and that Dr. Phil and his team had been mistaken about his identity. She also said that “Fred,” who previously claimed to be stranded in Africa without access to his finances, is currently living on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, with no money and no means of getting home.

“I’m here to save Fred’s life,” Lois said to Dr. Phil. “It’s been two years trying to get him back to the States, and I need your help.”

Dr. Phil sent a field producer to search for “Fred Adler” in the neighborhood where he claims he’s been staying; however, no trace of him was found.

Watch the video above to see a recap of part one of this two-part episode, then tune in to Friday’s conclusion,“Lois Meets ‘Fred’ Face-to-Face: Will She Finally Believe?” as Lois meets the real man behind the photographs she’s been told belong to “Fred Adler.”

And later, hear from Jane, another recent guest who also says she disregarded Dr. Phil’s advice about her online relationship and regrets ignoring the proof that she was being catfished.

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WATCH: Woman Sends Money To Online Fiancé For Two Years. Admits They’ve Never Met

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